Himalaya Frontier Studies

The Himalayan frontier region is a strategically important region which must be the focus for overall development so that it becomes a strength for India and for its relations with China and with South-East (more…)

Regional Dialogue

The growing importance of India and China in the region not only impacts them both, but the world at large. Their expanding global powers make it imperative for both countries to be sensitive to each other’s (more…)

Ecology & the mighty rivers of Tibet: India’s water security

The Tibetan Plateau is environmentally one of the most vulnerable places on earth. It is rich and varied with abundant plant and wildlife diversity, water resources, glaciers and grasslands all of which (more…)

Analysis of developments in China and the Tibet Plateau: Implications for India’s security

The Tibet Plateau has been of crucial importance to the dominant powers of South and East Asia in their respective strategic calculations. George Ginsburg and Michael Mathow, explained the strategic importance (more…)

Publication, Commentary and Analysis

South-North Water Transfer Project

October 2014

Jesper Svensson, Visiting Fellow with FNVA, in conversation with Jianxin Mu – professor at Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), (more…)