Scientists urge postponing Pak Beng hydropower project

May 24, 2017
VietNamNet Bridge – Laos is set to move forward to build Pak Beng hydropower dam on Mekong mainstream, but technical reports about the project still do not provide (more…)

Is One Belt, One Road the Chinese ashwamedha? How China’s mythology influences its politics

Times of India
May 23, 2017
As Western hegemony wanes in the global village, China envisions the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) project. India withdraws from it. What makes cultures (more…)

Chinese Firms Wary of Political Risks on Xi’s Belt and Road

Ting Shi
May 23, 2017

As the global limelight fades from President Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” summit, the main actors — Chinese state-owned companies — are warning about (more…)

China flexes muscle in spy games against US


MAY 23, 2017

A cartoon posted in a dusty alleyway in the heart of Beijing warns passersby not to fall prey to the charms of foreign men: they might be spies.

It (more…)

Address the legitimate grievances of people in Tibet: President to China

Tibet Post International
Shawo Namgyal
May 23, 2017
Dharamshala — “China must address the legitimate grievances of people in Tibet,” the President of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Dr (more…)

US confirms new Ambassador to China who testified to raise Tibet issue

​Tibet Post International
Molly Lortie
May 23, 2017

Dharamshala — Terry Branstad was officially confirmed by the Senate as the U.S. Ambassador to China on May 22, 2017. Now Ambassador Branstad (more…)

When It Comes to Renaming Places in Tawang, China Is Not Alone

MAY 23, 2017
Since last June, members of the Monpa tribe have been restoring original names of native places from Sela Pass onwards through the (more…)

Xi Jinping’s imperialistic ambitions have beaten Modi’s soft-power diplomacy right to India’s doorstep

At his swearing-in three years ago, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi pulled a coup of sorts by featuring an array of heads of states from (more…)

Build tunnels under Brahmaputra river to outfox enemy forces, says Army

HIndustan Times
May 22, 2017

Lt General DS Ahuja, commanding officer of an Army setup in Shillong, said enemies invariably target strategic bridges in a bid to snap communication (more…)

Gauging Xi Jinping’s Political Strength

Epoch Times
May 22, 2017

Just how much control over China does Xi Jinping have?

One view holds that Xi is the most powerful Communist Party leader in decades, taking into account (more…)