Oct 17, 2015
Christian Savoy


Ancient human teeth were recently discovered in China and the shocking find could rewrite human history. The 47 teeth were found in a limestone cave (more…)

Exclusive: Top PLA General set for rare India visit, highest from China in a decade
Ananth Krishnan
October 15, 2015

First visit to India by a Vice Chairman of PLA’s Central Military Commission since 2004 is seen by Beijing as a significant boost to military-to-military (more…)

A CIA-Trained Tibetan Freedom Fighter’s Undying Hope for Freedom
Nolan Peterson
October 13, 2015

PANGONG LAKE, India—At dawn, the old man stood outside his home on the Indian side of Pangong Lake, thumbing his prayer beads and chanting, “Om mani (more…)

China’s overtures in space worry India

Deccan Herald
Kalyan Ray
October12, 2015

China’s rapid strides in the military use of space has triggered a fresh wave of concerns in the Indian armed forces, which have only taken some baby steps (more…)

Former Chinese Operative Tells of Decade in Political Subversion Force

Leo Timm,
Epoch Times
October 11, 2015

Cheng Ganyuan, a former operative for a Chinese undercover agency that specializes in infiltration and subterfuge, has seen plenty of ups and downs throughout (more…)

China launches student-made satellites

Times of India
October 10, 2015

BEIJING: Chinese authorities have launched a satellite made by a group of college students which has already began sending back data, the media reported on Saturday. (more…)