US confirms new Ambassador to China who testified to raise Tibet issue

​Tibet Post International
Molly Lortie
May 23, 2017

Dharamshala — Terry Branstad was officially confirmed by the Senate as the U.S. Ambassador to China on May 22, 2017. Now Ambassador Branstad (more…)

When It Comes to Renaming Places in Tawang, China Is Not Alone

MAY 23, 2017
Since last June, members of the Monpa tribe have been restoring original names of native places from Sela Pass onwards through the (more…)

Build tunnels under Brahmaputra river to outfox enemy forces, says Army

HIndustan Times
May 22, 2017

Lt General DS Ahuja, commanding officer of an Army setup in Shillong, said enemies invariably target strategic bridges in a bid to snap communication (more…)

Pigeons with Chinese tags lead to a stir in Arunachal Pradesh

The sources didn’t rule out the possibility of China using these pigeons for surveillance of frontier areas and townships.

Guwahati: In what (more…)

Report: China cripples CIA operations, kills informants

May 21, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Chinese government “systematically dismantled” CIA spying operations in China starting in late 2010 and killed (more…)

Dalai Lama will pick successor “soon,” China has no say on issue: Tibetan President Lobsang Sangay


May 20, 2017

New Delhi: The Dalai Lama will himself pick his successor, which may happen “soon”, President of the Tibetan government-in-exile Lobsang Sangay said (more…)

View from Kashmir Observer: Curiosity is rising in Kashmir over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Kashmir Observer
May 19, 2017
The view is that the project will give rise to new geopolitical factors that will force a resolution of the Kashmir conflict.
View from Kashmir Observer: Curiosity is rising in Kashmir over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Leaders of 29 (more…)

China’s Smug Forecast About India Proves Right

The Belt Road Initiative Forum in Beijing has begun and ended. We have had our say – outside the Forum. The Chinese have had theirs (more…)

War threat from Pakistan, China: India to deploy Rafale fighter jets in Haryana, West Bengal

May 17, 207
Faced with a two-front war scenario against Pakistan and China, the Indian Air Force is going to deploy its latest Rafale combat aircraft (more…)

EXCLUSIVE: China’s richest man praises absent India at One Belt, One Road meet

China’s richest man, the billionaire head of the Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin, praised India’s economic potential at the summit and highlighted his group’s ambitious plans for India.