China’s ‘two sessions’ delivers core message on Xi Jinping’s central role
Robert Lawrence Kuhn
March 17, 2017

Robert Lawrence Kuhn says the key takeaway from China’s annual NPC and CPPCC meetings could not be clearer – that Xi Jinping’s status as core leader and the country’s (more…)

The lone voices of dissent in China’s political wilderness

Jun Mai
Nectar Gan
Minnie Chan
March 14, 2017

Some members of the top advisory body are still willing to say it as they see it despite tighter controls on the media and political (more…)

China’s internet censorship under fire – but proposal against controls gets … censored

Nectar Gan
March 13, 2017

Another proposal, also urging greater online freedom, went unreported

Calls by members of China’s legislature and its top advisory body for the mainland to (more…)

Communist dogma for cool cats: China tells universities to hop to and put the hip into ideology

Zhuang Pinghui
March 12, 2017

Universities must make ideology classes “trendy” and appealing to young people, Education Minister Chen Baosheng said on Sunday in the latest move to tighten the (more…)

2017, the year Chairman Xi Jinping will come into his own

Douglas H. Paal
March 9, 2017

Douglas H. Paal says after five years of consolidating power, the Chinese leader will emerge stronger than ever before. For this year at least, Xi Jinping (more…)

Premier calls Tibet’s stability, development a ‘special’ priority

March 8, 2017

Premier Li Keqiang called for maintaining the stability and development of the Tibet autonomous region when he joined a panel discussion with National People’s Congress deputies (more…)

The Guardian view on China: political spectacle and substance

March 3, 2017

hina’s “two meetings”, the annual political gatherings beginning in Beijing, offer a great deal of show with much less tell. The sessions of the largely rubber-stamp (more…)

China’s political advisory body to strengthen supervision work

March 7, 2017
 China’s political advisory body will strengthen supervision work while upholding the Party’s leadership, asking political advisors to freely express their opinions (more…)

Chinese warns world entering period of political upheaval

China Section
March 7, 2017
Li Keqiang urges China to brace for ‘graver situations’ ahead in apparent reference to President Donald Trump
Beijing: China’s prime minister has warned (more…)

‘No separation of powers’: China’s top graft-buster seeks tighter party grip on government

March 6, 2017

Top graft-buster Wang Qishan has called on the Communist Party to tighten its oversight of all branches of power, (more…)