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The Foundation for Non-violent Alternatives (FNVA) has been established to study & analyse developments in China, the Tibetan Plateau & the Himalaya​n frontier regions​ and their implications on India’s security.

Your donation to the Foundation for Non-violent Alternatives (FNVA), shall contribute to a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities of India’s Himalayan frontier region so that this strategically important region becomes the focus for overall development adding to India’s strength in her dialogue with China and countries in the neighbourbood.

By supporting FNVA YOU ENCOURAGE regional dialogue as a confidence building measure by helping FNVA to offer a common platform to scholars and scientists from the region to analyse and understand issues of mutual concern, appreciate perspectives from a regional dimension and jointly work out a possible way forward.

​ ​It will help pay for their travel and lodging expenses, it will pay for logistics of the programme.

Donations will help to  commission expert papers that will be useful to policy makers.

By supporting FNVA YOU DEVELOP young leaders in the field of international relations, environmental sciences and peace initiatives;

​ ​Your donation will help FNVA pay a nominal stipend to young scholars and encourage them for further research and studies.​ Thus YOU MAKE a positive change for the benefit of future generations;

By supporting FNVA YOU SAFEGUARD freedoms and civil liberties;

By supporting FNVA YOU CARE AND PROTECT the environment that not only affects India but millions of people that depend on it for their survival.

​ ​FNVA’s area of focus is the fragile ecology of the Tibet Plateau and the mighty rivers of Tibet on which millions of lives depend. Your donation will help FNVA develop programmes, research and ​regional dialogue between scholars in the region.​​
By supporting FNVA YOU SUPPORT and encourage peace initiatives!

The Foundation for Non-violent Alternatives (FNVA) is a Not for Profit organisation and hence depends to a large extend on donations made by individuals, philanthropic organisations and multinational companies. Donations to the Foundation for Non-Violent Alternatives are exempt under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act,

1961 vide Director of Income Tax(E) letter No. DIT(F)/2009-2010/F-383/1816 dated 29/09/2009 read with Circular No. 7/2010 dated 27/10/2010.