Exclusive release: CPPCC Work Report

Delivered at the First Session of the Twelfth CPPCC National Committee on March 3, 2013
Jia Qinglin
I. Review of the Work in the Past Five Years
II.Main Experience in the Past Five Years
III. Suggestions on the Next Five Years’ Work


Fellow Members,

On behalf of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee, I now submit a report on its work over the past five years and offer my suggestions on the work of the Twelfth CPPCC National Committee for your deliberation.

I. Review of the Work in the Past Five Years

Over the past five years, China overcame severe challenges and made extraordinary achievements in reform, opening up and socialist modernization, and the CPPCC carried on, made innovations in, and consolidated and developed its cause. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) attached great importance to the CPPCC, and under its firm leadership the CPPCC held high the banners of patriotism and socialism; adhered to the themes of unity and democracy; focused on the central work of the Party and country; conscientiously performed its functions of political consultation, democratic oversight, and participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs; fully played its role in coordinating relations, pooling strengths, making suggestions and proposals to the central leadership, and serving the overall interests of the country; and made important contributions to developing in a scientific way, maintaining harmony and stability, promoting China’s reunification and expanding foreign exchanges, thereby writing a new chapter in its history.

1. Consolidating the common ideological and political foundation and adhering to the socialist path of political development with Chinese characteristics Strengthening ideological and theoretical development is a fundamental guarantee that the CPPCC adheres to the correct political orientation. We gave top priority to solidifying our ideological foundation. We studied the guiding principles of the CPC’s Seventeenth and Eighteenth National Congresses and Comrade Hu Jintao’s important speeches at the meetings celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the CPPCC. We also studied the Guidelines of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Work of the CPPCC, and the report on its implementation. We carried out activities to study and apply the Scientific Outlook on Development and observe core socialist values. We actively guided members of CPPCC committees to thoroughly understand the superiority of the socialist political system and the system of political parties with Chinese characteristics in light of the