Mentifex Urges Chinese UW Students to Overthrow Xi Jinping

June 4, 2017

Today on June 4th we pause to remember the hundreds of young Chinese victims of the bloody Tiananmen Massacre and to plot the overthrow of the evil and incompetent Chinese government by converting Chinese students at the University of Washington into a network of technically sophisticated spies working together to bring freedom and democracy to China and America.

The University of Washingtron (UW) in Seattle is a bastion of free speech and democracy. Today on the June 4th anniversary of the bloody Tiananmen Massacre of hundreds of Chinese students advocating democracy for China, at UW we advocate peaceful revolution for the overthrow of the incompetent and immoral Chinese government. Students in computer science are especially urged to come to the UW and learn sophisticated techniques to return to China and become members of an underground network dedicated to the overthrow of the current Chinese government which perpetrated the Tiananmen Massacre. Of course, in many ways the American government is just as guilty as the Chinese government, especially under Predator Trump, but we will fix the American government with the same skills of espionage and revolution that we teach to Chinese students attending the University of Washington.

For instance, the United States under Predator Trump supports other dictatorial regimes which we are also working to overthrow, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. The American concentration camp at Guantanamo is actually worse than Auschwitz-Birkenau under the German Nazis, because the Americans claim to be a freedom-loving democracy while they imprison and torture even children at Gitmo. And why did the Americans fight a war to restore a dictatorship in Kuwait? For the same evil reasons that the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet is headquartered in the vicious dictatorship of Bahrain, where the wounded protestors for freedom are dragged out of hospitals and the attendant doctors are beaten up. We must now advise no American youth to join the Nazi-esque American military, which does not fight for freedom, but for vast corporate profits under Predator Trump and for the suppression of democracy. The U.S. Navy puts out a propaganda lie for the gullible sailors to believe in, namely that the protestors in Bahrain are “third country nationals” (TCN) and therefore do not warrant protection or even humanitarian concern from members of the U.S. Navy. Hogwash! The indigenous citizens of Bahrain are protesting against a minority royal family, supported and kept in power by the similar usurpers, the Saudi royal family in Arabia, who are an offense against Allah for their mistreatment of ordinary working people.

At the UW we teach freedom to every student. We demand that the Russians get out of Chechnya and Crimea; that the British get out of Ireland and Gibraltar; and that the Chinese get out of Tibet. We demand that Predator Trump drop his foolish plans to invade the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

Soon the UW will open up its new monument to the victims of Tiananmen, the Global Innovation Exchange in Bellevue near Microsoft. Under Balmer, Microsoft was always eager to rat out Chinese dissidents to the Chinese government for imprisonment and torture. Now we invite all manner of protestors to show up five days a week and circle the GIX campus with colorful and creative protest signs and activities, such as re-enacting the slaughter of Chinese students at Tiananmen Square. Make your march of protest an event for the whole family. Make T-shirts and sweaters that say, “Remember Tiananmen Massacre” and “Overthrow Chinese Government.” Carry signs like “China Leave Tibet” and “U.S. Navy Leave Bahrain”. Bring food to share and prizes to award for the best protests against the Chinese governent under the bandit Xi Jinping or the American government under Predator Trump. Rest assured that even the Chinese consular officials hate their own government and will inwardly be happy to see ordinary Americans protesting against both evil governments.