China finance ministry releases $151 billion defense budget

March 5, 2017
BEIJING — China’s finance ministry said Sunday that the country’s defense budget this year will top 1 trillion yuan ($145 billion) (more…)

China Premier’s Lavish Praise Shows Xi Power for Reshuffle

March 5, 2017

Besides the usual economic targets and policy pronouncements, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s annual speech to parliament also delivered an unambiguous political (more…)

RPT-China’s anti-corruption overhaul paves way for Xi to retain key ally


Benjamin Kang Lim and Philip Wen

March 4, 2017​
China’s sweeping overhaul of its anti-corruption architecture could enable President Xi Jinping to justify retaining his key ally and top (more…)

100+ billionaires among China’s lawmakers, overall net worth above $500bn – report

March 4, 2017
As the yearly sessions of China’s top legislative and advisory bodies open in Beijing, a new report says that their richest members have acquired wealth similar to the annual (more…)

China opts for low rise in military budget but will still spend lot more than India

Times of India
March 4, 2017
BEIJING: China has announced a modest increase of 7 percent in its military budget for this year. But the expected expenditure of $145 billion in (more…)

The tenacious political survivor tipped for key economic role among China’s ruling elite

Daniel Ren
March 3, 2017
Shanghai party boss Han Zheng, along with two new ministers, could form Xi Jinping’s economic team in the cabinet

Shanghai Communist Party boss Han (more…)

Your quick guide to China’s political advisers’ plans on Hong Kong, Taiwan and religion

Staff Reporter
March 3, 2017

Work report addresses outreach to Taiwan, Hong Kong, ethnic minorities and religious groups

The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, (more…)

As Xi Portrays Calm, Tensions Mount Ahead of Leadership Shuffle

Peter Martin, and Ting Shi

As 3,000 lawmakers from across China descend on Beijing for an annual meeting of the world’s largest legislature, President Xi Jinping (more…)

Ordinary Citizens Are Hoping to Make a Difference at China’s Biggest Political Meet-Up
Charlie Campbell / Beijing
Mar 02, 2017
China’s “two sessions” kicks off this week, bringing together all of the movers and shakers from the top echelons of government for the nation’s two (more…)

Forget the Great Firewall … China is beefing up its ability to police all cyberspace

Catherine Wong 
March 2, 2017

Policy document also pledges to prevent an arms race in the cyber realm amid US claims that Chinese hackers have attacked American government (more…)

Xi Jinping appoints new man to tackle PLA corruption

Minnie Chan
March 2, 2017​

Du Jincai, who was groomed by two disgraced top military leaders, has hit retirement age, but his departure could be a prelude to an investigation

The (more…)

China trying to rope India, Russia in cyber pact against West

Times of India
March 2, 2017
BEIJING: China wants India and other BRICS countries to accept its idea of “cyber sovereignity” that would allow each country to govern the (more…)

Is Xi Jinping’s political ambition bad for China?

Willy Lam 

The interview was conducted by Yue Fu.

March 2, 2017

It is an important year for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is consolidating his influence for long-term (more…)

Route to more power for China’s Xi runs through remote Guizhou

 Philip Wen and Benjamin Kang Lim | BEIJING
MARCH 2, 2017
When China rejuvenates its top leadership team toward the end of the year, sources close to (more…)

Two sessions offer important opportunity to understand China’s political structure

Global Times
George N. Tzogopoulos 
March 2, 2017

If there is one issue on which political scientists in the West agree about China, it is that knowing more about this country is (more…)

What to Watch at China’s 2017 National People’s Congress

Some 3,000 lawmakers will descend on Beijing next week for the annual parliamentary pageant known as the National People’s Congress. Last year’s agenda (more…)