Countries like Bhutan should step up adaptive measures to respond to the threats of climate change

Tempa Wangdi
October 1, 2015

Climate change: Bhutan could lose over six percent of its Gross Domestic Product annually by 2100 due to melting glaciers and climate change induced extremes according (more…)

Goods Manufactured in China not Good for the Environment, Study Finds
University of California Irvine
September 30, 2015

Irvine, Calif., Sept. 28, 2015 – In a study published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, scientists from three universities (more…)

Farmers Driven From Homes ‘Like Pests’ by Dam Projects

Chris Brummitt Archana Chaudhary
September 30, 2015

The day after the Indonesian government began to fill the lake behind its new Jatigede dam, Apong sat by the graves of her mother, father (more…)

Pope beseeches leaders to protect environment

China Post
​Nicole Winfield And Jennifer Peltz ,
September 26, 2015,

NEW YORK — Pope Francis declared Friday that there is a “right of the environment” and that mankind has no authority to abuse (more…)

US-China climate change deal puts heat on India

The Economic Times
Chidanand Rajghatta
Sep​ 26​ 2015

WASHINGTON: The United States and China have reached an agreement to limit greenhouse gases with a commitment by China to introduce a cap-and-trade (more…)

Pollutants buried under glaciers surface to haunt India

T.V. Padma
​September 22, 2015

As glaciers in the Himalayas melt faster due to global warming, pollutants buried under them are finding their way down to the north Indian plains

[caption id=”attachment_17800″ (more…)

Govt considering financing options for Bhasha Dam project

The News
Mehtab Haider
September 21, 2015

ISLAMABAD: After reluctance shown by World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance Bhasha Dam, Pakistan is considering different options including (more…)