China’s Minority


Buddhist Nuns in Tibet Get

Ma Jing and Ming Xuefei

January 28, 2016

As there are a great number of Buddhist nuns living in

temples across southwest China’s Tibetan Autonomous

Region, the Tibet Women’s Federa:on has given special

aren:on to the group. It included such women into its

training program and provided six leadership training

sessions in 2015, said a senior official of the local women’s

federa:on recently.

“Over the past year, the Tibetan Women’s Federa:on has

held training sessions in housekeeping, startups and

employment, handicra` and weaving, as well as farming

for about 5,800 women,” President of the Tibet women’s

federa:on Jiangcuo Lamu explained, adding that her

organisa:on’s scheme has helped more than 6,000

women find work. The comments were made in a report

which summarised her organisa:on’s achievements over

the past year at a mee:ng held in Tibet’s capital of Lhasa

on January 25.

Against the backdrop of mass entrepreneurship, and a

related scheme introduced by the Chinese government in

2014, many Tibetan women have benefited from incen:ve

policies and created their own businesses, according to

Jiangcuo Lamu.

Training in 2015


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