Chinese students protest peace icon Dalai Lama’s commencement speech

Study International Staff 

June 19, 2017

In his speech at the University of California at San Diego’s (UCSD) graduation last weekend, the Dalai Lama called (more…)

China Detains More Than 40 Tibetans Amid Clash Over Water Rights

June 4, 2017
Tibetan villagers clash with police in Qinghai's Bayen (Hualong) Hui Autonomous county, June 1, 2017.

Tibetan villagers clash with police in Qinghai’s Bayen (Hualong) Hui Autonomous county, June 1, 2017.
Authorities in China’s Qinghai province have arrested more than 40 Tibetans (more…)

Mentifex Urges Chinese UW Students to Overthrow Xi Jinping

June 4, 2017

Today on June 4th we pause to remember the hundreds of young Chinese victims of the bloody Tiananmen Massacre and to plot the overthrow of the evil and incompetent (more…)

China gets its own Nalanda, shames India

June 4, 2017
NEW DELHI: China has scored a major victory in soft power diplomacy by quietly launching its own Nalanda University while the original Nalanda campus (more…)

Beijing limiting freedoms, prohibits observance of holy month in Tibet

 Tibet Post International
Molly Lortie
June 2, 2017

Dharamshala — Sources in Tibet have reported that Chinese authorities have further imposed restrictions to religious freedoms by denying (more…)

Chinese Priest: The joys and sorrows of my mission, stifled by politics
June 1, 2017

The daily life of a priest of North China, from the official Church, in a society dominated by atheism and superstitions. State pressures to break bonds with (more…)


May 31, 2017
Students gather to talk to members of the CSSA. Jaz Twersky / The Triton

The Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) held an event (more…)

UN mandate holders demand answers from China about Tibetan activists

Tibet Post International 
Molly Lortie
May 30, 2017
Dharamshala — According to new reports made public by the United Nations, a group of UN mandate holders sent a joint communication last December (more…)

We will accomplish the aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet: President

Tibet Post International
Yangchen Dolma,
May 29, 2017

Washington DC — ‘Hence let us continue this mission and sooner or later we will accomplish our dream and aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet,’ (more…)

Communist China abuses student for praising freedom, democracy in US

Tibet Post International
Yeshe Choersang
May 23, 2017

Maryland, USA — A Chinese student in the US has praised United States of America for it’s fresh air, freedom of speech, freedom and democracy (more…)

China flexes muscle in spy games against US


MAY 23, 2017

A cartoon posted in a dusty alleyway in the heart of Beijing warns passersby not to fall prey to the charms of foreign men: they might be spies.

It (more…)

Address the legitimate grievances of people in Tibet: President to China

Tibet Post International
Shawo Namgyal
May 23, 2017
Dharamshala — “China must address the legitimate grievances of people in Tibet,” the President of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Dr (more…)

China’s touchiness over the Dalai Lama is in line with its aim of usurping Tibetan Buddhism

May 21, 2017
Chinese are working relentlessly to undermine authority of the Dalai Lama. Their intransigent campaign could mean that Beijing appoints his spiritual successor.
China’s touchiness over the Dalai Lama is in line with its aim of usurping Tibetan Buddhism


Biju (more…)

Tibetan women demand release of missing 11th Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima.

May 18, 2017
SHIMLA: Demanding the release of 11th Panchen Lamaby China, hundreds of Tibetan women under the banner of Tibetan Women’s Association (more…)

Risk of deadly traffic jams on the slopes of Mount Everest grows along with number of climbers

Huang Jingjing 
May 18, 2017

The number of climbers trying to scale the world’s tallest mountain will be higher than ever this year
○ Deadly traffic jams will likely (more…)

Ethnic Official Dedicated to Poverty Alleviation

Liu Shangjun
May 18, 2017

Ethnic Official Dedicated to Poverty Alleviation
Ciwang Zhuoma []

An ethnic minority official from Naqu County in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous (more…)