The Foundation for Non-violent Alternatives welcomes you to write for it.
Our aim is to engage in critical dialogue on issues pertaining to developments in China, the Tibet Plateau, and the Himalayan frontier regions including Mongolia and Myanmar, and their implications for India’s security, this includes – environment and climate change, energy security, political transitions and human security.

Should there be other subjects you may be interested in working on, or have further queries, please feel free to contact us.

The Foundation publishes Commentaries, Issue Briefs, Special Reports, Research Papers and Book Reviews.

The Foundation will provide honorarium for all finalised submissions. Honorarium may be expected within five working days from the date of publication on the website (for short commentaries) and two weeks for larger essays.

We do look forward to receiving your submissions!

Writing Guidelines:

Commentaries are usually between 800-850 words on current issues. The Commentary may begin with an outline of the research question(s), followed by detailed analyses of the same. These shall be published on the Foundation’s website.

Issue Briefs are usually between 2500-2800 words, with detailed description of topical subject/s and key trends. In-text references are followed.

Special Reports are around 5000 words, with in-depth analyses and future prognosis of current issues with in-text references.

Research Essays are usually above 10,000 words, with in text references, with in-depth analysis on the subject.

Book Reviews are usually between 1000-1500 words, that encapsulate the essence of the book whilst that highlights both the critique and commendation for the work.

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