June 2014

by Team FNVA

Wang Jian Ping: Work hard to start the new phase of establishment of the People’s armed police

June 26, 2014

While undertaking survey in Tibet, Wang Jian Ping accompanied by Chen Quan Guo and Deng Xiao Gang, carried out investigation at the Potala Palace square civilian police station. Wang Jian Ping emphasised starting a new phase of establishment of the People’s Armed Police for the long term peace and stability and peace in Tibet.

The leaders of the Tibet Autonomous Region Chen Quanguo, Deng Xiaogang, Zara, Wang Ruilian, Gesang Ciugene, Ben Ba Zahi, Dorji Tsju, Kumiko, Vice Minister of Logistics Department of Armed Police force Shen Jinlun, Police Traffic Controller, Commander Liu Zhanqi, Police Forest Department Commander He Hongcheng, Armed Police Tibet Corps Commander Song Baoshan and the Commissar Tang Xiao accompanied the investigators.

Wang Jian Ping visited Tibet region’s People’s Armed Police training base, Traffic police detachment of the two battalion four, Tibet forest Armed Police Corps, Police 117 division training troops, Police Ngari detachment to get a detailed understanding of the situation of the building of the teams, to call on officers and men of the armed police team.

Wang Jian Ping fully acknowledged the success achieved by the Armed Police Tibet Corps and the Armed Police Force and emphasised the armed police officers and men to understand the serious and complicated situation they face at present, to strengthen the war preparation, to continue doing a good job of building up (of the police); To ensure giving priority to the tasks that need to be dealt with urgently, provide a strong support for Tibet’s persistent stability, long term stability and comprehensive stability.

At the Potala Palace square, Wang Jian Ping cordially greeted and expressed sympathy to the officers and men on duty, encouraged everybody to stand guard for the party and the people and to be on patrol. Waking into the Potala Palace square civilian police station, Wang Jian Ping understood in detail the organisational structure of the police. Wang Jian Ping addressed the office at the police station and exhorting them to improve the quality of work that has provided a strong pillar for Tibet’s developmental breakthrough and long term peace and stability of the government.

During the investigation, Wang Jian Ping heard the Party Committee work report of Tibet Armed Police Corps, acknowledged and approved every work done by the Tibet Armed Police Corps. Wang jian Ping stressed that at present the general situation of the Tibetan society continues to be harmonious and stable, the mechanism effective in the long run for safeguarding the stability has taken the first steps toward its formation. The armed police forces of Tibet need to further implement the spirit of the third plenary session of the 18th Party Congress, put into practice the spirit of the series of the important speeches delivered by Xi Jinping, closely follow the party’s goal of strengthening the army in this new situation, work hard to build a modern armed police force that obeys the commands given by the party, and win the battle and satisfactorily complete the mission given by the party and the people thus making a new contribution for the developmental breakthrough and long term peace and stability.

First we must firmly grasp that the correct direction of building of the corps should not be relaxed. Study and implement the spirit of the series of important talks given by Xi Jinping study and understand the efforts taken by all levels of the government. While implementing the efforts taken by all levels of the government, while practically transforming the efforts of the levels of the government, actually transform for promoting the practical result of the scientifically developing and building the corps.

Second we must do our best to increase the perseverance of the ability to carry out the mission. Firmly grasp the work you need to frequently undertake while on duty, firmly promote the integration of the four preventions, resolutely do all types of preparation for safeguarding the stability, and ensure quick response, quick dispatching of troops, high dependability and handling as soon as there is work.

Third, persistently fortify with force the foundation of development and building of the corps. Further implement the spirit of strict police training according to law, strengthen “one group and three ranks”, “the three lines”, strengthen “the four foundations”, “the five foundations”, implement “the eight jobs that frequently need to be done”. Prominently secure the bottom line of management, grasp education management and training experience, strengthen ability and the quality of the bottom level cadres. Fourth, promote persistence in the practical activities promoting education. Stress on obeying orders that are given, when all levels grasp this simultaneously we will achieve greater results. At present, the key is to give proper direction to the investigation of the problems, organise a meet for the regular activities of the organisation.

During the investigation, Wang Jian Ping also visited Lhasa cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, Ngari cemetery of revolutionary martyrs to pay respect to the heroes.

Top political advisor stresses “rule of law” in Tibet

China’s political advisor Yu Zhengsheng on Monday stressed adherence to the “rule of law” in Tibet.

Yu, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, made the remarks while taking part in a panel discussion with deputies from Tibet Autonomous Region during the annual session of the National People’s Congress.

Yu said that strengthening the frontier region is key to governing a country, and maintaining stability in Tibet is a prerequisite of strengthening the frontier region.

He asked authorities to follow the principle of “rule of law” in governing Tibet, take measures to win local people’s hearts and make Tibet’s development an enduring task.

Efforts should be made to help local officials and people get a clear understanding of the nature and danger of the Dalai Lama’s preaching of the “middle way” and “high-degree autonomy,” he said.

Yu also asked for concrete measures to advance Tibet’s economic and comprehensive development, improve people’s well-being and ensure long-term peace and stability in Tibet.

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