ང་དང་ཨ་མདོ་རྔ་བའི་ལས་དབང། My Destiny with Amdo Ngaba: Generational Impeded Culture leading to Self-Immolation in Ngaba

Rinzin Namgyal, FNVA Research Intern

by Rinzin Namgyal
Abstract: In the reverberating words of Barbara Demick, Ngaba stands as the formidable bastion of Tibetan resistance, epitomising a steadfast defiance against Chinese dominance. Embodied in the proverbial wisdom, “if there is a fire in Lhasa, the smoke will rise from Ngaba,” lies the profound significance of this town nestled in Eastern Tibet. Within the tapestry of its history, Ngaba emerges as a focal point in the perpetual struggle against Chinese encroachment, marking the zenith of third epoch of resistance.   My narrative intertwines with the essence of Amdo Ngaba, unearthing “Generational Impeded Culture” that culminate in the fervent protests saturating this region. Comparative scrutiny juxtaposes Ngaba’s fervour with the broader spectrum of Tibetan resistance, illuminating its unparalleled fervour evident in self-immolations, demonstrations, and myriad forms of dissent. Ngaba emerges as a crucible wherein the dialectics of heritage and modernity converge, forging a collective consciousness that pulsates with resilience. It is a saga of identity wrested from the clutches of assimilation, a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people entrenched in the sanctity of their cultural and national legacy against the Chinese occupation. Till date 65 cases of Tibetan Self-Immolating in the Ngaba County has been reported, recovered and recorded. (I was able to gain this valuable data through the help and assistance of TCHRD).

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