Unsilenced: Voices of Young Tibetans

Tenzing Dhamdul, Research Associate, FNVA, New Delhi

by Tenzing Dhamdul

WATCH IT HERE : https://youtu.be/hZofOpvmBqM 

Conversation with Tenzin Tsangpa La
Hosted by Tenzing Dhamdul, FNVA


The Unsilenced: Voices of Young Tibetans podcast session saw FNVA engage with Tenzin Tsangpa, a Tibetan who on 21st May, 2023 while attending the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Finals at Paris proudly displayed the Tibetan National Flag. However this simple act of displaying one’s identity and nationality was not taken kindly by misinformed Chinese Mainlanders. As he was subsequently harassed, confronted and assaulted by them and eventually led to the Tibetan National Flag being stolen from him and which was later burned by them and shared on Weibo (Popular Chinese Social media App) by these unruly, radicalised and misinformed Chinese.

The podcast session with Tenzin Tsangpa engages upon this very incident as he shares with us all in detail what he really experienced during this whole unwarranted incident. With the displayal of the Tibetan National Flag even leading to the Live Stream of this popular gaming event being disrupted in Mainland China. Furthermore, we also engaged on his experience as a Tibetan who had grown up in India and is currently residing in France, with a sizeable number of Tibetans also living there nowadays.

Tenzin Tsangpa tells us “Not all Chinese are like that especially those who are settled in the west” making it clear to us how it is those very Chinese who have been misinformed and brainwashed through the systematic propaganda and censorship by the Communist Party of China (CCP). Further reiterating that the Chinese people living in the western world has more exposure and would not conduct themselves in such barbaric ways.

His concluded by stating that “I have accomplished my goal of spreading awareness about our cause, especially among the Chinese youths who are oblivious to it due to CCP propaganda and censorship”. With his message to us, especially to his own Tibetan sisters and brothers being “More Tibetans especially those like us, in our age group. I think they should take the initiative however small it may be as every step counts to solve the Tibet-China conflict”.

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