Unsilenced: Voices of Young Tibetans

- Tenzing Dhamdul, Research Associate, FNVA, New Delhi

by Tenzing Dhamdul

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Conversation with His Eminence the 9th Kunsang Dorjie Rinpoche La

Hosted by Tenzing Dhamdul, FNVA


The Unsilenced: Voices of Young Tibetans podcast session saw FNVA engage with His Eminence the 9th Kunsang Dorjie Rinpoche la. Rinpoche shares with us his insights on the Tibetan Tradition of Buddhism, how it came to Tibet from India, what is its current status both in occupied Tibet and the Tibetan diaspora and several other significant themes.


Rinpoche brought to light the grim condition of Tibetan Buddhism in occupied Tibet through his own personal anecdotes stating that “I have been to Tibet 3 times in my life and have seen the situation first hand. People are being watched over every single moment of their lives, they are not allowed to practice their religion and culture freely. Monks and lamas are not allowed to teach in the monasteries there until they undergo Communist Re-education.” 


Rinpoche also tackled and talked about the much deliberated topic of reincarnation, emanation as a form of reincarnation and the politics involved in it. Rinpoche tells us “He thinks like His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama stated, the institutes of the Dalai Lama would be deeply dependent on the 6 million Tibetans”. He also lucidly explained Emanation as a form of reincarnation, giving live examples of it – the famous Buddhist Tibetan teacher Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo being one of them and mentioned that though rare, it is a method that is utilised in the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism. Rinpoche expounded on how Beijing makes a joke and complete mockery about this very sacred process through its “Golden Urn” selection system, making the whole process into a lottery with the irony being here that they claim to have authority over reincarnation of Tibetan Lamas, revered monks and Rinpoches based on this.


Before concluding the session, Rinpoche blessed us all with the Holy Bone Relics of Lord Buddha and shared to us all in public the genesis and tale behind this very Holy Relic. “This relic was handed over to me by an old monk at midnight, who wanted me to take it out of Tibet, this Relic was hidden in an butter lamp during the cultural revolution destruction that occurred in Tibet” says H.E. the 9th Kunsang Dorjie Rinpoche.

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