Unsilenced: Voices of Young Tibetans

Tenzing Dhamdul, Research Associate, FNVA, New Delhi

by Tenzing Dhamdul

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Conversation with Tenzin Passang La
Hosted by Tenzing Dhamdul, FNVA

In a compelling and enlightening podcast episode, we delved into the world of Tenzin
Passang, a young Tibetan women who currently is the India National Director of Students
for a Free Tibet.

Tenzin Passang passionately unfolded the genesis of Students for a Free Tibet, a globally
recognized Tibet Support Group. She shed light on the driving forces that led her to become
an integral part of this organization, emphasizing the commitment to advocating for the
rights and freedom of the Tibetan people living under occupation.

A focal point of the conversation was the critical role that SFT plays in countering the
misleading narratives propagated by Beijing concerning Tibet. She highlighted the various
initiatives orchestrated by SFT to raise awareness and provide the Tibetan perspective on
the situation in Tibet. This underscores the organization’s dedication to fostering a
comprehensive understanding of the Tibetan struggle for freedom.

The conversation delved into the specific initiatives undertaken by Students for a Free Tibet.
She elucidated on the multifaceted approaches employed by the organization to challenge
the status quo, emphasizing the importance of a proactive stance in addressing the complex
circumstances faced by Tibet.

A poignant glimpse into her personal journey unfolded as she recounted her time at
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The profound impact of her experiences at JNU on her
perspective and activism became evident, underscoring the transformative power of
education and intellectual discourse in shaping individuals committed to social justice.

A particularly inspiring segment of the episode focused on her triumphant battle against
cancer. Her resilience and determination served as a testament to the strength of the
human spirit. Additionally, she shared the unwavering support she received from her family
and friends, illustrating the importance of a robust support system in overcoming adversity.

In summary, this podcast episode serves as a powerful narrative of courage, activism, and
personal triumph. It not only captures the essence of Students for a Free Tibet but also
provides a compelling insight into the life and journey of Tenzin Passang.

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